Welcome to the Compassionate Classrooms Book Club!

We're glad you're here. Pull up a chair, grab a copy of Hacking School Culture: Designing Compassionate Classrooms, and jump into our book club whenever you're ready! 

Weekly blog posts will guide you through the book hack by hack, beginning on Monday, May 14, 2018. We will archive each post on this page so you can decide where, when, and how you would like to participate. You can set your own pace as well. 

Do you need to subscribe to participate? No, but those who do will receive a whole bunch of supplemental resources that we won't be sharing anywhere else. You'll also have unlimited access to everything we share with our subscribers as we work together to create compassionate classrooms. Just drop your email into that box right up there, and you'll be all set!

Questions? Drop us a line. We're happy to chat. 

Follow the Book Club Posts Here:

Meeting 1:  The Compassionate Classrooms Book Club: What You Need to Know

Meeting 2:  An Introduction to Hacking School Culture

Meeting 3:  Reflecting on the Introduction to Our Book

Meeting 4: An Introduction to Hack 1: Grow Your Own: Developing Self-Compassion First

Meeting 5: Hack 1: Reflecting on Growing Your Own Self-Compassion

Meeting 6: An Introduction to Hack 2: Seek Diverse Perspectives

Meeting 7: Hack 2: Reflecting on Hack 2: Seeking Diverse Perspectives

Meeting 8: An Introduction to Hack 3: Craft Your Classroom Culture

Meeting 9: Reflecting on Hack 3: Crafting Your Classroom Culture

Meeting 10: An Introduction to Hack 4: Distinguishing Blame from Response Ability

Meeting 11: Reflecting on Hack 4: Distinguishing Blame from Response Ability

Meeting 12: An Introduction to Hack 5: Extinguish Shame and Reframe Vulnerability

Meeting 13: Reflecting on Hack 5: Extinguishing Shame and Reframing Vulnerability

Meeting 14: An Introduction to Hack 6: Creating Curriculum that Cultivates Compassion 

Meeting 15: Reflecting on Hack 6: Creating Curriculum that Cultivates Compassion 

Meeting 16: An Introduction to Hack 7: Embrace Experiential Instruction

Meeting 17: Reflecting on Hack 7: Embracing Experiential Instruction

Meeting 18: An Introduction to Hack 8: Teach Them to Talk Back

Meeting 19: Reflecting on Hack 8: Teach Them to Talk Back

Meeting 20: An Introduction to Hack 9: Inspire Activism

Meeting 21: Reflecting on Hack 9: Inspire Activism

Meeting 22: An Introduction to Hack 10: Resolve Conflicts

Meeting 23: Reflecting on Hack 10: Resolve Conflicts

© 2018 by Ellen Feig Gray and Angela Stockman

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